Kick start with Motivation, Continue with Discipline, Achieve results through consistency.

Personal Training session with me will include a Strategic Workout Plan that is in line with your daily life & routine. This workout plan will be created based on assessment of your goals, lifestyle, fitness level and your body’s readiness to change.


Our sole focus will be on your body- together we will learn more about it- what muscles we need to focus on & how! Taking one step a day, a step closer to our target.

We will train one-on-one, taking you through your entire workout session with the luxury of personal attention to you! So whether you’re travelling, or at another place, or at home, we know no excuses and never miss a session! And that’s the beauty of it, you save a lot of time by not going to the gym and crashing your goals through the comfort of home.

Set the tone of your fitness goals with me as we delve into the deeper dynamics of Stength & Weight Training.


Workout with your friends and family as a fit squad with soaring energy levels!

Here, we workout as a group where we have a fun, interactive, super energetic workout session, again with the freedom of working out from ANYWHERE!

This is a great way to add fitness into your life without disturbing your daily routine! Best part, we encourage our friends and family to join us in this fitness journey as well!

So hop on with your friends, family or colleagues and get going!!

Core Fitness

Hop and and let's go on a fit trip together!


Sports Specific Training is beyond general fitness!

Here, we train in a method that the athlete is conditioned and prepared to compete in their sport!

We will prepare the body and mind in a way that enables the athlete to perform at their peaks.

Your personalised workout plans will be created based on the unique characteristics of your sport, which includes the general physiological and biomechanical profile, common injury sites, and position-specific attributes. And all this will be done keeping your requirements and needs in mind with your primary goal as the target.


Decrease injury risk, build strength & stamina, improves functional movements with Sports Specific strength and conditioning!


You are what you eat!

The core of crashing any fitness goal is a nutritious Meal Plan that carves your body and supports power packed workouts!

Here, we’ll create a customised meal plan that supports your fitness goals and food preferences. We get into the dynamics of macro & micro nutrients, calorie counting, carb cycling and conscious eating that eventually converts into a fit lifestyle.

Fresh Produce

Our Mantra is to create a diet plan that is easy and enjoyable to follow!