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Being an athlete I know how it feels to discover your true potential, and to perform at the top of your abilities, both physically and mentally. I firmly believe that every human is an athlete and the principles of training and athletic performance apply in all walks of life to reach apex performance.

I am on an expedition to inspire as many as I can to live a fit and ecstatic life. That being said, I understand the realities of life and know that being motivated every single day is impossible even for the best of us. Keeping this in mind I tailor my workouts to your individual needs keeping your restrictions in mind to help you achieve the best possible results in a specific timeframe.

Get in touch today and realise the true potential within you!


"Everyone's an athlete"

Manu Mittal


My 4 steps to guaranteed results


You will be put through a complete postural and physical evaluation to check for any weak or tight areas and to check for imbalances


After the initial evaluation, I will have a detailed consultation with you to understand your demands, lifestyle, nutrition and goals


Once we've agreed to what we are looking to achieve, we will set specific and realistic goals to work towards calculated over a short, medium and long term


After setting goals, you will receive a detailed workout and nutrition plan to help you smash them. I will also be conducting regular followups to keep you on the right track and make any adjustments if needed


 the alphas

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As a fitness coach, Manu has strong fundamental knowledge regarding exercises and physiology. What makes him unique is his ability to connect to people and providing guidance for resolving their specific issues and he is never short of enthusiasm or positivity .Definitely a great coach you can trust.